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The Digital Citizens’ Bill of Rights

Thomas M. Cooley Law Review

Members of the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review have been writing on a broad range of topics.  This post summarizes a piece by Anna Zagari that can be read in full on the Review‘s website.

The Internet, which is most regarded for its open and convenient access to countless types of information, is often celebrated by the masses, but there are some, especially owners of intellectual property rights, who have reasons to detract from the celebration.  Recent efforts by the government to stop online piracy on an international level have caused a stir, with opponents claiming the proposed legislation is too vague and would take away the freedom of the Internet.  After what was dubbed an “Internet Blackout” earlier this year, where thousands of websites literally blacked-out all their content, the bills lost major support and were withdrawn.

In reaction to the controversy, Congressman Darrell Issa, who opposed both of the bills, made an open invitation over the summer to help him draft the Digital Citizen’s Bill of Rights with the goal of keeping the Internet open and free.  Issa hopes to establish fundamental rights for citizens within the digital world to ensure “they are free to innovate, collaborate and participate in building a stronger America and better world.”  See the details on the Law Review‘s website.

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