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Study Abroad Program Brings Cooley Student Up-Close to President Obama

BY: Luther Bunting Jr., Cooley Law School student

This summer, as a Cooley Law School student, I attended a study abroad program in Cape Town, South Africa through Howard University School of Law. While in Cape Town, students were made aware that President Obama would be coming to speak. Professor Ziyad Motala made arrangements with the U.S. Consulate in Cape Town for us to attend this event.


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA — U.S. President Barack Obama at the University of Cape Town, June 30, 2013.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain a few of the remaining tickets that would position us in a special section, directly behind the President during his speech.

As the President spoke, I felt as though I was representing not just Cooley Law School, but our country as a whole. We were some of a few Americans in South Africa who were able to support our President as he was speaking. The President spoke about America building a stronger relationship with South Africa, and with the African nation.

I walked away from this event learning several life lessons. First, I understood that no dream is too big. Last year while working on the President’s campaign, I wrote a personal letter to him. I believed that one day I would be able to place that letter in his hand, and on that day my dream came true.


Cooley Law School student Luther Bunting Jr. reaches to shake the hand of President Obama.

Second, I learned that we represent more than ourselves. I was able to represent not only my country, but Cooley Law School as well. How was I to know that on that day and at that time the opportunity to represent both institutions, one of freedom in the world and one of knowledge, would come.

I am proud and  thankful for the opportunity to represent our nation and our school to the world.

Remarks by President Obama at the University of Cape Town [Whitehouse.gov]

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