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Things Work Differently Here


Professor Victoria Vuletich teaches Professional Responsibility at Cooley Law School.  She is chairperson of the ABA’s Center for Professional Responsibility Continuing Legal Education Committee. Before joining Cooley’s faculty in 2008, Professor Vuletich was Deputy Division Director of the State Bar of Michigan Professional Standard’s Division, where she advised attorneys regarding ethical dilemmas and practical issues they were facing.  She also served as staff counsel to the State Bar of Michigan Client Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law programs and developed and managed the Practice Management Resource Center.

When I was in law school, my professors rarely had time for me.  Only one or two actively conversed with me.  Some grudgingly set appointments and the others, well, they simply ignored me.  Little wonder I hated law school.

So when I came to Cooley to teach, I had an agenda.  I was determined to do my darn best to help students make their stay at Cooley as pleasant and as meaningful as possible.  Lucky me to find a faculty chock full of kindred souls!

Dean Amy Timmer is full of great ideas – and – she invites me to play in the sandbox with her and her ideas!  She had the great idea of nominating a student we both share and treasure, Angela Shade, for the National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Student Award.    Although Angie is smart and hard working, what makes her stand out is her heart.  She always has a smile on her face, a bounce in her step, and she is the first to lend a helping hand.

Amy pounded out a draft of the nominating letter and sent it to me.  I revised it, signed it for both of us, and sent it away.  I think we were just as thrilled as Angie was upon learning she had received the award! Congratulations Angie!

If you don’t believe that last statement, check out the picture, which speaks for itself.

Angie and Amy (1)

There’s a lot of affection and respect going on there.  And there’s a lot more of that going on at Cooley between other faculty and students. . . . Things work differently here!

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