Expansion in Legal Jobs Through 2014, Reports Digital Journal


Cites Job-Posting Firm Agreeing With Cooley Law School’s Assessment

Lawyer hiring will continue to increase in the second half of 2013 and through 2014, notes Digital Journal, citing the jobs-posting firm LawCrossing.com. Based upon detailed job posting data, this positive hiring trend “is well illustrated in the number of jobs continually posted by top recruiters on its web pages.”  And Digital Journal notes how LawCrossing agrees with prior commentary from Cooley’s President and Dean, Don LeDuc:

[LeDuc] claims that the economy will improve, and government agencies will start hiring lawyers once again. This is exactly what LawCrossing also envisages considering that recruiters are constantly posting new openings on its jobsite and increasingly making use of its newly launched employer page. A job search conducted on LawCrossing at the time of this release, showed 966 active legal jobs in Atlanta, above 1,000 legal openings created in Boston, 1577 legal opportunities in Chicago, almost 1,000 chances in Dallas, 957 new legal positions in Houston, 1238 legal postings for Los Angeles, 2952 legal job openings in New York city, 528 legal job listings for Philadelphia, 1,120 chances in San Francisco and 3,093 active openings in Washington D.C.

The job listings show opportunities for both new and seasoned lawyers. “To date there are over 43,000 openings on the jobsite that need to be filled with the right talent.”



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