Cooley Adds Michigan Supreme Court Justice and Leading Canadian Lawyer to Board of Directors

Cooley has added to its Board of Directors an outstanding jurist and an outstanding Canadian lawyer and bar leader, both of whom bring to Cooley keen intellect and deep experience in the legal profession.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen J. Markman

Justice Stephen J. Markman

Justice Stephen J. Markman

Justice Markman was appointed to Michigan’s highest court in 1999 by Governor and Cooley alumnus John Engler (Wing Class, 1982) and has since been reelected three times.  Before that, Markman was a judge of the MIchigan Court of Appeals, the U.S. Attorney in Detroit, and a high-ranking official within the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Given Cooley’s law practice orientation and deep relationship with the judiciary, it is not a surprise to note that Justice Markman is the 7th justice of the Michigan Supreme Court to serve on Cooley’s Board of Directors.  He follows in the footsteps of Justices Thomas E. Brennan, John W. Fitzgerald, James L. Ryan, James H. Brickley, Michael F. Cavanagh, and Dorothy Comstock Riley.

Ontario lawyer and legal scholar James C. Morton.

James C. Morton

James C. Morton

Professor Morton is head of the litigation group of the Canadian law firm Steinberg, Morton, Hope and Israel LLP and a long-standing adjunct professor at Cooley. He is past president of the Ontario Bar Association. He has been intimately involved with Cooley’s Toronto foreign study progam for 15 years, and has taught Canadian Law at Cooley’s Auburn Hills campus. Professor Morton has published dozens of scholarly works, has taught at several law schools, and received Cooley’s Frederick J. Griffith III Adjunct Faculty Award as the outstanding adjunct professor in 2012.

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