Students Learn from Appellate Court Session at Tampa Bay Campus

wmich_cooleylaw_verticalWMU-Cooley is a great place at which to learn how to be a lawyer.

One reason is that our students have uncommon ability to observe good lawyers and good judges at work by attending the many hearings of trial and appellate courts we host at our campuses.

(Left to right) – Asst. Professor Karen Fultz, Associate Dean Jeff Martlew, Hon. Chris W. Altenbernd, Hon. Charles A. Davis, Hon. Nelly N. Khouzam, Cooley student Nicholas Langenkamp, Asst. Professor Kathy Gustafson, and students Iris Timm and Jerrod Simpson.

The most recent example is a session of the Florida Second District Court of Appeal held at our Tampa Bay campus on September 23, 2014.  Chief Judge Charles A. Davis, Judge Chris W. Alterbernd, and Judge Nelly N. Khouzam presided over oral argument in three separate appeals.  Students witnessed the arguments and had the opportunity to meet and speak with the judges about the cases.   Click here for more about this session of court.

It’s no wonder that National Jurist magazine recently ranked WMU-Cooley as one of the nation’s best law schools for practical legal training.  In fact, we ranked higher than any other law school in our home states of Michigan and Florida.

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