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Senior Cooley Student Recognized for Helping Consumers Understand Real Estate, Consumer, and Bankruptcy Issues

WMU-Cooley Law School Student Erin Bannister found herself in the limelight recently, featured in the American Bar Association’s Student Lawyer magazine. Bannister, a third-year student at WMU-Cooley, was highlighted in the September 2014 issue of the publication for her work with the organization 10CORE, (Ten Commandments of Real Estate Law Society).blog_bannister

“My mentor, Professor Neville-Ewell founded the organization and encouraged me to join,” Bannister told Student Lawyer. “I came to law school so that I can help people and to make a difference in the community. 10CORE Law Society has allowed me to do just that.”

10CORE, which has expanded from its beginnings in metro-Detroit to selected states throughout the country, provides educational resources to the public on real estate, consumer, and bankruptcy issues.

“With basic knowledge about real estate law, people can make better decisions,” Bannister said.

Bannister works primarily with 10 CORE’s Educational Outreach Committee, although she has also service on the organizations scholarship and computer donations committees. She has served as a speaker, but can be most often found working in the background, designing brochures and PowerPoint presentations. She also works on scheduling, marketing, and surveying potential audiences.

10CORE presents educational programs throughout the year. “We go into communities and provide a resource to people that they might not otherwise receive without our efforts,” Bannister said, explaining that programs vary according to the identity and needs of the audience. To learn what those needs are, they conduct a pre-program survey.

Bannister told Student Lawyer she found her participation in 10CORE to be both personally and professionally rewarding. “Substantively, I’ve learned a lot about property and real estate issues,” Bannister said. “More importantly, my experience in 10CORE has taught me real-world skills and allowed me to help people with real-world problems.”

Much of Bannister’s work may be “behind the scenes,” but it has not gone unnoticed. Neville-Ewell said Bannister “has been instrumental in taking the lead on and completing a number of the organization’s projects. She is one of the hardest-working students I know. She gets things done!”

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