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4,000 WMU-Cooley Community LinkedIn Group Members!


This week we enrolled our 4,000th WMU-Cooley Law School Community LinkedIn Group member.  In slightly more than two years, we have doubled our membership.  This rapid growth demonstrates the value of staying connected with fellow Cooligans around the nation through our LinkedIn group.  Cooley alumni reach out to one another, share job opportunities, refer cases, send tips on interviewing, and offer their thoughts on law practice.

If you are not already a WMU-Cooley Community Group member, joining is easy. First, establish an account and professional profile with LinkedIn.  Then search for “WMU-Cooley Law School Community” and click on the “Join” button.

We are proud of WMU-Cooley’s alumni and want to use our group as just one of many ways to promote each others’  success.  Now let’s see how quickly we can get to 5,000 members.  Tell other WMU-Cooley graduates to sign up for LinkedIn and join the WMU-Cooley Community Group as well.  Above all, stay connected!

In addition to LinkedIn, see WMU-Cooley’s Alumni Website Page.

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