WMU-Cooley Law School Professor Sought Out to Help Make Sense of Affordable Care Act

One of the benefits of having an in-house expert on a complicated subject is that when the news is swirling with the latest development or deadline, you have a close-at-hand ally to make sense of it all. WMU-Cooley Law School has such an expert when it comes to the Affordable Care Act — Professor Lisa Sewell DeMoss,  director of the school’s LL.M. program in Insurance Law.Demoss_Lisa

With the deadline to sign up for health insurance looming on Monday, Dec. 15,  DeMoss has been much in demand as various media outlets seek out her expertise, explanations, and insight. In addition to her work with WMU-Cooley’s popular insurance law program, DeMoss’ expertise also includes time as general counsel and corporate compliance officer for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan in Detroit.

A couple important points DeMoss stresses are:

  1. Most people must have coverage or pay a penalty.
  2. You may already be covered through your employer based plan, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, or other government sponsored plan, or you may be exempt from the coverage requirement.
  3. Each state offers several health plans that provide coverage at different price points corresponding to the enrollee’s cost sharing responsibilities for the health services incurred during each annual coverage period.

Sought out for that insight, DeMoss’ latest contributions to the health care conversation include an extensive article on EmaxHealth, a feature interview on the program Inside Maine, on WGAN; a story on WWMT on the west side of Michigan , and a practical interview on Click on Detroit.

Congratulations to Professor DeMoss for helping listeners and readers across the country make sense of this complicated subject. She has helped people wade through the politics and challenges, to understand the forces at play, and to understand what they need to do next on a matter of both personal and social importance.

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