The Sky Is Not Even the Limit!

The latest WMU-Cooley traveler is law student Eula T. Bacon who participated in WMU-Cooley’s Oxford, England program last summer. You will find yourself catching some of Eula’s positive energy and excitement as she tells you all about the things she learned during her experience in Oxford, and also sharing some sage advice.  Enjoy reading more about Eula’s life lessons in the bullet quotes below! 

  • Being in Oxford was “one amazing experience after another. I felt like I was on a movie set, but better! I’m walking in a 200-year-old building! We were living in a building that was over 150 years old.”
  • Being in a different country “made me think of things in a broader way” and that “maybe I could be more creative in some of my solutions.”
  • “Different doesn’t mean one is better than another; they’re just different … It’s not driving on the wrong side of the road, it’s just driving on another side of the road.”
  • “I learned from everybody and tried to talk to as many people as I could.” Hearing about how her friend in Oxford downsized her expenses to the point that she “now lives in a box because she wanted to spend all her money  on travel,” got her to “think about about what I wanted to spend my money on … If you reduce some things in your life, you might be able to travel more!”
  • “I’ve owned three businesses in the United States,” but sitting and talking to professors and law students from around the world “got me to think about opening an international business.”
  • “I met new students … some were from Cooley, but we also had several students who were not from Cooley … and in all of my classes I got to sit next to a student from Germany. She was a wealth of information and actually experienced some of history. She brought a whole new perspective to the room.”
  • “One of our professors was a magistrate … and he had so many stories that made the class so interesting … before you knew it the time was up and you learned the information; but you could actually tie it together with reality.”
  • “If you’re starting to get into Shakespeare, do it in Oxford!”
  • “Most people working full-time don’t do study abroad, but I did! I almost did not follow up (on going abroad) because I didn’t think I could afford it, but I didn’t take the advice I give to others; consider the source and go to the experts. At least ask. My employer was excited for me.”

You have the opportunity at WMU-Cooley Law School to expand your horizons through a variety of foreign study programs.  You can earn credit toward your law degree, experience new cultures across the globe, and make lifelong friends — WMU-Cooley has ABA-accredited foreign study programs in Oxford, England; Australia and New Zealand; and Toronto, Canada.

Eula is getting ready to drop her friends "Greetings from Oxford, England."

Eula getting ready to drop her friends “Greetings from Oxford, England.”

Oxford, England Professor Grimal with WMU-Cooley Foreign Study students, Kirk Seleski, Janelle Wicker, Eula Bacon, and Susan Watts.

Oxford, England Professor Francis Grimal with WMU-Cooley Foreign Study students, Kirk Seleski, Janelle Wicker, Eula Bacon, and Susan Watts.


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