South Pacific Study Abroad Checks Life’s Bucket List

Xiomara Rivera is no stranger to seeing new places. She’s traveled extensively as a member of the military and has seen nearly every part of the world.  Yet there was one place she hadn’t visited.

The South Pacific.  A destination that topped her Bucket list.

Xiomara  Rivera didn't have any problem finding kangaroos in Australia with this kind of signage!

Xiomara Rivera didn’t have any problem finding kangaroos in Australia with this kind of signage!

As a law student, she didn’t think she could consider or have the time to travel. That is until she heard about WMU-Cooley’s Foreign Study program Down Under.  The chance to visit and study the law in the South Pacific was calling her – and she answered quickly – signing up for WMU-Cooley’s Australia/New Zealand Winter 2014 program.  Bonus: January Down Under is their summer!

Visiting Australia and New Zealand, along with side trips to Indonesia and Tahiti, was a dream come true for Xiomara – making it on another list – The South Pacific is one of her favorite places in the world!

You have the opportunity at WMU-Cooley Law School to expand your horizons through a variety of foreign study programs.  You can earn credit toward your law degree, experience new cultures across the globe, and make lifelong friends — WMU-Cooley has ABA-accredited foreign study programs in Oxford, England; Australia and New Zealand; and Toronto, Canada.

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