WMU-Cooley Graduate and First Lieutenant William Milzarski is Awarded the Purple Heart

Lieutenant William Milzarski (left) with Major Gen. Gregory Vadnais, Adjutant General & Director, Michigan Department of Military & Veterans Affairs

First Lieutenant William Milzarski, a 2002 WMU-Cooley graduate, received the Purple Heart on Thursday, March 12, 2015, for injuries he suffered in his service to his country.

As a platoon leader, Lt. Milzarski led 24 soldiers in Afghanistan on 244 combat missions and 43 engagements with the enemy. During a firefight in Afghanistan on May 27, 2011, Lt. Milzarski was struck in the face by an enemy bullet that ricocheted. Courageously, he stayed on the battlefield.


Left to right: Congressman John Moolenaar, First Lieutenant William Milzarski, WMU-Cooley President Don LeDuc


U.S. Representative John Moolenaar (Midland) presented the Purple Heart to Lt. Milzarski on Thursday in Michigan’s Capitol rotunda. State Senator Rick Jones (Grand Ledge) and Speaker Pro Tempore Tom Leonard (DeWitt) also attended the medal presentation.


More stories and news about First Lieutenant William Milzarski

WLNS Channel 6 News: Purple Heart Awarded To Soldier From Michigan:

First Lieutenant Milzarski’s story of adversity and recovery was featured in the U.S. Army’s “I know how it feels”campaign.

Lansing State Journal:  Bath Township Resident Awarded Purple Heart


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