Only regret: If we didn’t participate in the foreign study program

Garrett O’Sullivan wouldn’t have had it any other way: he studied in WMU-Cooley’s Australia and New Zealand program, became engaged and traveled with his fiancée and mom.

WMU-Cooley student Garrett O'Sullivan and fiance Lauren Boles.

Garrett O’Sullivan with fiancée Lauren Boles.

The traveling trio enjoyed Australia for two weeks before moving on to other parts of southeast Asia.

Garrett had a number of unique experiences. “Probably the most unique was having my mother, a recently retired probate judge in Michigan, come to spend the last two weeks in Australia with my fiancée and myself. And after the program ended the three of us backpacked through southeast Asia hitting places in Thailand and Cambodia. The experience during the study abroad was fantastic but being able to have my mom and my fiancée go experience a place in the world that we may never have experienced otherwise was absolutely fantastic.”

Garrett with fiancée Lauren and his mom

Garrett with fiancée Lauren and his mom

Garrett, Lauren and his mom agreed that the experience was unlike any other.  The only regret we would have had,” said Garrett,  was if we wouldn’t have participated.”

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