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Third-generation lawyer joins Cirilli Law Offices

Nick G. Cirilli graduated magna cum laude from the WMU-Cooley Law School Grand Rapids campus in September 2015. He was on the Dean’s List and the Honor Roll six times each, and was a member of the Access to Justice Clinic, which provides family law assistance to indigent persons. In addition to completing law school in two years, Nick took the Wisconsin bar exam in his final semester of study. He has now joined the family law firm in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, practicing criminal, family, contracts, and probate law. He was recently highlighted in The Northwoods River News in the article by Kayla Breese that is published here with permission. 

Nick Cirilli is the newest attorney at Cirilli Law Offices. He is working alongside his father, Gary Cirilli, and uncles, John and Scott Cirilli, at the firm founded by his grandfather, Albert, back in 1951.

Nicholas G. Cirilli

Nicholas G. Cirilli

“I’m very excited,” Cirilli said of joining the family business

Cirilli completed his undergraduate studies at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, in 2013. He majored in business management.

“My hope was to someday be here and eventually be manager and a lawyer, so that’s why I wanted to get a little diversity in my education,” he said.

Cirilli continued his studies at Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He completed law school in two years instead of three because he wanted to get back to the Northwoods. He graduated second in his class.

Cirilli’s swearing-in was Sept. 29 in Madison. Along with a group of brand new lawyers, he promised to uphold the constitution.

Now that he is a lawyer he will be taking on a wide variety of cases ranging from criminal matters to bankruptcies and family court matters such as divorces and child custody disputes.

“So far it’s been really great,” he said. “The nice thing about (working with family) is you can talk openly with them and not be worried about getting fired or anything like that. They understand where I am right now and are there to help me both at work and outside of work, so that’s really fantastic.”

Cirilli said he chose the law because he wants to help people. Dealing with legal troubles, whether they be criminal charges or a divorce, can be incredibly trying and he wants to help people through it.

“A lot of people don’t really think of lawyers as helpful people like doctors are, but in reality we are,” he said. “…It’s nice to be able to be there as someone who can help them through that and give them some hope when it doesn’t look too hopeful. (What I’m) looking forward to the most is really helping this community, and the whole Northwoods really, through life’s toughest moments.”

Cirilli knew from an early age that he would be attorney some day.

When he was younger and there was a teacher in-service day, he would get to tag along with his father and watch him work.

“After doing that over the years I found it interesting,” he said.

By the time he was in junior high he realized being a lawyer was something he wanted to do and he is thrilled to be practicing in the Northwoods alongside his mentors.

When not in the office, he enjoys hunting, snowmobiling, fishing, golfing, basically anything outside, he said.

“If I’m not sitting at this desk you’ll probably find me outdoors somewhere,” he said.

John Cirilli said the family is very proud to have Nick join the firm.

“We’re all very excited to have him come into the family firm and continue the tradition of quality legal services for the Rhinelander community,” he said.

This article was written by Kayla Breese and originally published in Oct. 6, 2015 in The Northwoods River News. Ms. Breese may be reached at kayla@rivernewsonline.com.

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