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Lawyers and Health Literacy? Yes, It’s A Good Match

Trudeau_ChristopherWMU-Cooley Professor Christopher Trudeau is one of the leading advocates on health literacy and the law.  He is widely recognized as an expert on informed consent and often speaks to audiences of health professionals and/or lawyers about creating processes to not only engage patients, but also protect healthcare organizations.

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Listen to Professor Trudeau in this Podcast with Helen Osborne, Host of Health Literacy Out Loud, about:

  • Why lawyers are starting to be more aware of, and engaged with, health literacy
  • How lawyers can use plain language to protect their clients while also helping patients understand medical-legal information
  • Ways that public health professionals, clinicians, and others can start working with lawyers to make health messages clear

More ways to learn:
Plain Language InterNational (PLAIN)
Clarity, an international association promoting plain legal language, http://www.clarity-international.net
Institute of Medicine’s Health Literacy Roundtable, “Informed Consent and Health Literacy: A Workshop,” July 28, 2014. Christopher Trudeau presented on “Establishing harmony between the rules and health literacy.”
“Making a Business case for Plain Language (HLOL #84).” A podcast interview with attorney Joseph Kimble.

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