Honors Convocation is More Than Honoring Smart Law Students

The one celebration, outside of Graduation Day, that honors outstanding achievement and service by law students is during the law school’s Honors Convocation. Honorees from each of the four campuses, every term, join with family and friends to celebrate a job well done!

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Along with recognizing students making the Dean’s List and Honor Roll, the law school also honors the top student in each class with a Certificate of Merit.

The Great Deeds Award is also presented each term to a student who has demonstrated great service, through a long-term commitment or through a single act.

Honors Convocation would not be complete without presenting chosen students with the coveted Leadership Achievement Award. This is an honor that acknowledges those students who have consistently, comprehensively, and effectively provided leadership in a variety of capacities. This prestigious award is intended to be the culmination of a student’s participation in leadership activities while at Cooley Law School.

Once a year, the WMU-Cooley Alumni Association presents the Distinguished Student Awards to third-year law students who have demonstrated outstanding academic, service and student involvement while at WMU-Cooley. They are nominated by their peers and faculty, and are interviewed and selected by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association. All recipients receive an elegant mahogany diploma frame with custom matting and Cooley logo imprint.

In addition to recognizing law students for high academic achievement at this year’s Honors Convocation, Elizabeth Devolder also received a special award for being named a Law Student of the Year by The National Jurist Magazine. Devolder is a non-traditional third-year student at WMU-Cooley Law School’s Tampa Bay campus. She is one of 25 law students who were honored by the publication.

Devolder received the law school’s Highest Grade Award in 10 classes and serves as the editor-in-chief forWMU-Cooley Law Review. She holds a national championship title from the American Bar Association’s 2015 Law Student Division Client Counseling Competition in which she competed with her husband against 108 teams. She is a WMU-Cooley teaching assistant as well as a mentor for students who are balancing work, school, and family.

“Elizabeth has proven herself as a smart, hardworking, dedicated and determined leader and learner,” said Jeffery Martlew, WMU-Cooley Law School associate dean.

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