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Clinton vs. Trump: Con Law Professor Describes Election ‘What If’ Scenarios

WMU-Cooley Law School Constitutional Law Professor Devin Schindler was featured in WalletHub’s recent articles about what a Clinton vs. Trump win would mean for the economy. 

What would a Clinton presidency mean for health insurance?

The short answer turns in part on the results of the congressional elections. If Clinton wins, but the Senate and/or House remains in the hands of the Republicans, very little will be accomplished. The Affordable Care Act will remain in place, with neither side having much ability to either eliminate or amend it. I would expect President Clinton to use the power currently delegated to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to continue to enact regulations “at the margin” to make health care markets more transparent and more efficient. READ MORE

What would a Trump presidency mean for health insurance?

Assuming the Republicans control both houses of Congress, the ACA is in serious jeopardy. Predicting what will happen is difficult, given that Mr. Trump has given few details on his legislative plan to replace the ACA. There is also the possibility that the Republicans, faced with the prospect of 15-20 million American’s losing health insurance, might pause before implementing a wholesale repeal of the ACA. Taking Mr. Trump at his word, however, the initial impact would fall hardest on the millions of Americans who received coverage either through the exchanges or as a result of the Medicaid expansion. READ MORE

Listen to Professor Schindler’s WKZO’s pre-election interview.

schlinder_devinProfessor Devin Schindler teaches Constitutional Law and Health Care Regulation at WMU-Cooley Law School’s Grand Rapids campus and is a frequent commentator on numerous healthcare and Constitutional issues, having been interviewed over 200 times by radio, television, print and internet media sources.  His comments have appeared in Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and many other media outlets.

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